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Event Information

Webinar 2016: April 14 Interdisciplinary Topic Registration
Date: April 14, 2016

Individual Registration - click here

Group Registration - click here

Registration Instructions

Step 1: Select the registration link "Individual Registration" below to
begin the registration process. PLEASE NOTE: "Group Registration"
does not apply for this event.

tep 2: It is very important to select the "Reg Type" under
the Badge Information area. To select your "Reg Type" please click
the drop down box which is located to the right of the "Reg Type"

Step 3: Once you have selected your "Reg Type",
event fees will appear on the screen.

Step 4: Proceed with the registration process. Once you have
completed the registration process and have submitted payment, you will receive
an email confirmation shortly thereafter.

Instructions on how to access the Webinar, handouts, and how
to complete the evaluations, will be sent 48 hours prior to the Webinar.

Thank you for registering and enjoy the Webinar!