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MP4 - 2018/09/13: Medical Marijuana

$ 49.00 - MP4 - 2018/09/13: Medical Marijuana - Member Rate: Price/Unit
$ 149.00 - MP4 - 2018/09/13: Medical Marijuana - Non Member Rate: Price/Unit
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Webinar Description
There is much discussion today, especially in the popular media, regarding the positive effect that marijuana has on patients. It can be difficult to separate what is anecdotal and what is evidence-based. This Webinar will separate the hype from the truth. Pain and symptom control are hallmarks of hospice care, along with interventions which provide overall patient-directed quality of life.  Does medical marijuana have potential to enhance care at the end of life? Or are the benefits marginal at best?  All of this is shrouded in the legal quandaries that hospice providers face.  Despite changes in some state laws, the federal government still classifies marijuana as an illegal substance.
Webinar Objectives
At the completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:
  • Identify the most recent peer-reviewed research on the efficacy of medical marijuana and its utilization with hospice patients 
  • Describe legal implications for hospice staff related to documentation and reporting requirements 
  • Summarize opioid utilization in states with both recreational or medical marijuana and the implications for hospice patients