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A Student Dies, A School Mourns

$ 21.95 - A Student Dies, A School Mourns - Member Rate: Price/Unit
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This book is designed to be a systematic guide that incorporates a thorough analysis of grief in a school. It details normal and abnormal grief reactions, factors affecting these grief responses, and the differences in death beliefs and responses of students at different ages and developmental stages. It can also act as a map or a step-by-step guide for establishing a death-related response plan. This book is divided into 13 chapters. Chapter 13 is "Coping and Healing: The Aftermath of Violence and Murder" by Patricia L. Evans. Other chapters discuss: normal grief, factors affecting grief, children's reactions to grief, response planning procedures, staff responsibilities, helping grieving students, teaching students how to behave in grief-related situations, how school personnel can help themselves through grief, the funeral and school remembrance activities, writing a condolence letter, and suicide. An appendix lists 10 organizations that would be useful to schools dealing with a grief crisis. Also provides an author index and a subject index.