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MP4 - 2020/05/26: Implementing the Hospice Election Statement Addendum

$ 49.00 - MP4 - 2020/05/26: Implementing the Hospice Election Statement Addendum - Member Rate: Price/Unit
$ 149.00 - MP4 - 2020/05/26: Implementing the Hospice Election Statement Addendum - Non Member Rate: Price/Unit
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The Fiscal Year 2020 Hospice Payment Rate Update Final Rule included two changes in the admission process:
1) changes to the hospice election statement and 2) an election statement addendum entitled “Patient Notification of Hospice Non-Covered Items, Services, and Drugs”. Both are effective October 1, 2020 (FY 2021).  For admissions that occur October 1, 2020 or later, the hospice will be required to use the newly amended hospice election statement.  Upon the patient or representative’s request, the hospice will be required to provide the patient
and/or representative with an election statement addendum, with details about the items, services, and drugs that the hospice has determined to be unrelated to the terminal illness and related conditions and will not pay for.  Information on beneficiary cost-sharing must also be included in the addendum. The goal of the addendum is to increase coverage transparency for beneficiaries under a hospice election. This Webinar will examine these new requirements and discuss strategies for compliance.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:
• Define the issue related to short length of stay in hospice (7 days or less)
• Discuss the NHPCO Imminent Death Protocol
• Demonstrate methods for providing high quality of care to patients in their last 7 days of life