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MP4 - 2019/11/14: Target Populations for Growth and Expansion

$ 49.00 - MP4 - 2019/11/14: Target Populations for Growth and Expansion - Member Rate: Price/Unit
$ 149.00 - MP4 - 2019/11/14: Target Populations for Growth and Expansion - Non Member Rate: Price/Unit
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Moving upstream to provide hospice and non-hospice palliative care delivers the right care at the right time for patients and families. Much too often, families coping with serious illness are not accessing palliative care until they are acutely ill and at the end stages of their disease process. But this can change. By offering diversified service lines, integrating into healthcare networks, identifying patients earlier through data analysis and building workflows with providers, hospices can not only survive but become valued and powerful allies, perfectly positioned to take advantage of the evolving healthcare landscape.
Learning Objectives
• Identify opportunities for hospices to meet the needs of healthcare partners and payers, thus building their value and prospects
• Describe how hospices fit within healthcare’s new payment systems and value-based culture, and how to become a peer within that continuum
• Discuss how to embrace innovation while remaining focused on mission, building on hospices’ inherent strengths to serve families in new ways