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MP4 - 2018/05/22: Ethical Marketing Practices

$ 49.00 - MP4 - 2018/05/22: Ethical Marketing Practices - Member Rate: Price/Unit
$ 149.00 - MP4 - 2018/05/22: Ethical Marketing Practices - Non Member Rate: Price/Unit
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Webinar Description
Successful hospice and palliative care organizations are keenly aware of the important role marketing and strategic business relationships play to assure access to all who want and need their services. Marketing standards and practices must be consistent with your hospice and palliative care organization’s values and policies. This Webinar will examine the legal framework for sound and ethical marketing practices, and will provide case scenarios of what activities are permitted and what are impermissible practices especially when seeking referrals. Join faculty to explore how your organization can play by the rules and thrive while avoiding unethical decisions and potential legal liability.
Webinar Objectives
At the end of this Webinar, participants will be able to:
  • Identify legal and ethical marketing practices 
  • Discuss ethical business relationships with potential referral sources 
  • Describe how to avoid unethical practices and potential legal liability