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Hospice Orientation for the Interdisciplinary Team

$ 225.00 - Hospice Orientation for the Interdisciplinary Team - Member Price
$ 325.00 - Hospice Orientation for the Interdisciplinary Team - Non Member Price
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Orient your staff properly from the beginning to promote the ongoing delivery of quality, holistic care to patients and their families with Hospice Orientation for the Interdisciplinary Team.
Hospice is a growing and evolving industry. As providers contend with increasing federal scrutiny and expanding patient populations on often modest budgets, many struggle with finding the time and resources to introduce the newest members of their interdisciplinary team to the goals, philosophies, and regulatory requirements that shape a quality hospice program.
According to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO), a hospice should deliver systematic orientation, training, and competency evaluations to all new employees and volunteers before they assume roles at the organization. To assist in this orientation, HCPro, along with expert reviewer Jennifer Kennedy, MA, BSN, RN, CHC, NHPCO's director of regulatory and compliance, has created the Hospice Orientation for the Interdisciplinary Team training video.
This valuable resource will help busy providers ensure their direct care staff are well acquainted with essential industry knowledge and foundational job strategies out of the gate by offering an overview of key topics like:
•The origins and scope of hospice
•Current utilization patterns
•The special role of the interdisciplinary team
•The unique demands and approaches that come with caring for those who are dying and their grieving loved ones
•Medicare eligibility and payment requirements
In the course of these discussions, new staff will see key concepts brought to life through the deft handling of various care challenges by the interdisciplinary team at Compassion Springs, a fictional hospice agency.
After staff have completed this thorough training, providers can measure their comprehension and promote their lasting retention of essential topics by distributing the posttest and reference materials that are available for download with purchase of the video.
This video offers:
•Effective, expert-vetted training that providers can use again and again to satisfy CMS’ regulatory expectations and focus areas
•Foundational education delivered in an accessible manner to help new care staff understand key concepts and deliver quality care from the start
•A convenient, versatile format that allows providers to foster an interactive educational experience without overextending veteran employees
•A collection of downloadable materials that highlight and expand on key video emphases to ensure that the training has an enduring impact on the entire interdisciplinary team’s approach to care delivery. Documents available for download are: Foundations of Hospice, The Hospice Interdisciplinary Team, The Medicare Hospice Benefit, Key Definitions and Concepts of Care, and a comprehensive posttest.