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The Essential Hospice-Facility Contracting Resource

$ 595.00 - The Essential Hospice-Facility Contracting Resource: Member Rate
$ 995.00 - The Essential Hospice-Facility Contracting Resource: Non-Member Rate
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The Reinhart Hospice and Palliative Care group introduces an expanded edition of The Essential Hospice-Facility Contracting Resource: Inpatient, Respite, Nursing Home and Assisted Living Arrangements (formerly the Hospice and Nursing Home/Assisted Living Contracting Toolkit).  With more agreements and tools, this expanded toolkit is a must-have for every hospice. The additional insights and contracting tips can help you strategically respond to the changing regulatory landscape.  This resource contains: detailed tips about emerging business and legal issues in the hospice industry; instructive footnotes throughout the agreements explaining how to implement key provisions; an easy to follow 'road map' to the nursing facility agreement, allowing you to customize your organization's agreements and identify potential issues in other facilities' contracts; practical explanations of the important differences between contract provisions that are required and where you have room to negotiate with facilities; 9 total agreements to allow your organization to partner with different types of facilities for a variety of services.