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Touch, Caring and Cancer Program Booklet with DVD (Spanish) (Super Sale)

$ 5.00 - Touch, Caring and Cancer Program Booklet with DVD (Spanish) (Super Sale)
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One of the most comforting forms of support you can give a person with cancer is the use of touch. This inspiring and authoritative program provides detailed instruction by leading experts in the field of oncology massage in safe and simple techniques anyone can learn and apply. Developed with support from the National Cancer Institute, it follows eleven patients and their caregivers through a workshop as they learn and practice the techniques together. Now you can gain new confidence and satisfaction in caring for your loved one. <br><br>WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY...<br><br>"I'm a firm believer in training caregivers... this allows them to be able to be a participant. The connection between a caregiver and a patient is very important, and it most likely is going to be that this type of project, where you do have touch and massage going on between a caregiver and a patient, is going to just improve the relationship and also improve the general outcome." • David Rosenthal, MD, Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, and former president, American Cancer Society<br><br>"Caregivers need practical tools to be able to feel empowered to help the cancer patient. For example, a lot of people don't know the right way to massage somebody... By having some skills and tools to be able to do it they’ll be able to connect more with the patient--even moreso, they'll feel better themselves. They'll feel like they can make the difference... that's why I think this program is so wonderful--it helps both the patient and the family member to be united, and to say, "What can we do together to get through this?'" • Susan Bauer-Wu, PhD, RN, Distinguished Cancer Scholar, Emory University School of Nursing<br><br>"Working with the Touch, Caring and Cancer program at Providence Cancer Center has been a highlight of my massage and nursing career. I have seen this program change people's lives. It has not only reduced pain and anxiety but helped with sleep and relaxation. It has brought couples, family members and friends closer together. One couple called it ´the best marriage counseling ever'! I have been amazed at the positive results of the techniques taught and how anyone--all ages--could learn and practice them in a very short period of time. I highly recommend this program, you absolutely can't go wrong." • Mary Malinski, RN, LMT, HN-BC, Nurse Clinician, Integrative Medicine Dept., Providence Cancer Center, Portland, OR